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BOH Teh Tarik Original Instant Milk Tea 12 Stick Packs x 27g


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Stevia leaf extract, Less sugar, Halal – Malaysia


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The original Malaysia’s ‘Teh Tarik’ is as farmed for its unique preparation as BOH is known for its teas. Now, with the distinctive flavour of BOH Teh Tarik, you can better enjoy Malaysia’s all-time favourite lifestyle beverage – in an instant. Best of all, BOH Teh Tarik is also ‘Less Sweet’, so you can ‘tarik’ more, anywhere, anytime you like!


Teh Tarik Original Less Sweet Instant Milk Tea Beverage


Serving size: 27g in 1 cup (180 ml), Servings per package: 12 stick packs x 27g


Preparation and Usage


Serving Directions:
1 Just empty contents of one stick pack into a cup or mug.
2 Pour in boiling water (approximately 180 ml).
3 Stir, ‘tarik’ (to your liking) and it’s ready to serve.

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