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Cheffaro Prawn Noodle Paste 200g


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Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Dried Shrimp, Sugar, Onion, Chili Powder, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate (E621), Galangal, Garlic, Lemongrass, Modified Starch (E1422), Sodium Benzoic (E211)

Contains Dried Shrimp and is manufactured in a facility that may process products that contain Candle Nut and Peanut



Made in Malaysia


Preparation and Storage

Preparation and Usage

Cooking Instructions:
Dilute 1 packet of Cheffaro Prawn Noodle Paste into 1300ml of boiling water.
Bring to boil again and reduce to low heat.
Blanch noodle or rice vermicelli with bean sprout and water spinach (kangkong), transfer into a bowl. Add in cut hard-boiled egg with pre-cooked prawns and add in hot prawn noodle soup. Serve hot.

Serve 4-6 persons

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