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Kembara Meals Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice (With Food Warmer)


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Deep fried chicken cooked in a thick spicy, sweet sourish sauce made of a flavorful spice paste and serve with fragrant tomato rice.


180g Tomato Rice


130g Chicken Masak Merah


1x pack of KEMBARA Food Warmer


1x set of Plate & Heavy Duty Spoon


Self-Heating Meal

  • Open KEMBARA bag and remove all contents
  • Tear KEMBARA food warmer plastic and insert food warmer pad into KEMBARA bag
  • Insert food pouch. Ensure food warmer pad stays on bottom
  • Add 200ml of any liquid (to FILL LINE).
  • Quickly seal bag. Let stand for 7-10 minutes
  • Carefully remove food pouch, tear and enjoy your hot meal!

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