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Maggi Stock Cube Seasoning 60g


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MAGGI Tom Yam Stock Cube

Made with real prawns & lemongrass, just add this taste enhancer to make that frangrant tomyam all the more delicious! Get ready for a delicious mealtime
Add a cube for that aromatic lemongrass and prawn flavour, packed with the tantaslising taste of real herbs & spices.

– Lemongrass
– Kaffir Lime Leaves
– Black Pepper
– Galangal
– Red Chilli
– Paprika


MAGGI Chicken Stock Cube

Make meals even tastier with our taste enhancer in a cube – perfect for soups, gravies, and all other culinary favourites! Enhance your dishes for a truly delicious mealtime.
Contains real chicken and packed with fresh herbs & spices for the taste of long-boiled perfection.

– Red Onions
– Garlic
– Leek
– Celery Seed
– Turmeric


MAGGI Ikan Bilis Stock Cube

Contains real ikan bilis (anchovies)! Just add a cube to broths, gravies or any other of your favourites for a perfect finishing touch! Powerful flavouring for all your home-cooked meals. Packed with the tantalising taste of long-boiled ikan bilis and fresh herbs & spices.

Made with real ikan bilis


MAGGI Beef Stock Cube

Soups, broths, and even fried rice, just add a cube for that touch of perfection. Great for any homemade dishes
Made with REAL herbs & spices. Try one today for a truly delicious mealtime!

Contains real herbs & spices

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