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Nona Glutinous Rice Cube 13 Packs 336g


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Glutinous Rice Cubes: Glutinous Rice, Coconut Milk Pack: Non Dairy Creamer, Salt and Coconut Milk Flavour, Additive derived from Plant and Synthetic Origin

Contains traces of Milk products



Product of Malaysia


Preparation and Storage

Preparation and Usage

Glutinous rice has been cleaned during treatment. It is not necessary to wash or soak again before cooking.

3 Easy Steps!
1. Rinse the ketupat palas packets. Then cook using 2 litres (10 cups) of water covering the packets using high flame until boil (about 5 minutes). Ensure water level covers all the ketupat palas packets.
2. Add the included coconut milk flavoured powder into the cooking pot and stir together with the ketupat palas packets for a while. Turn to medium flame and leave it to cook for 1 hour while turning the ketupat palas packets over and over.
3. Drain the ketupat palas packets when it is cooked or after 1 hour. Leave it to cool for 2-3 hours before cutting.

Cooking Suggestion:
7 packets – 9 cups water (1.8L), 26 packets – 13 cups water (2.6L)


Store in a cool dry place

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